LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery
Eye Level, curated by Lauren Hogan and Megan Euker
June 5-June 30, 2017
Closing Reception: June 30

with EC Brown, curated by Paul Hopkin and Jeffrey Grauel
October, 2017

Not Just Another Pretty Face at the Hyde Park Art Center

Chicago Tribune Best of 2015 by Lori Waxman
The Comp Magazine interview by Chester Alamos-Costello
Huffington Post by Gail Vida Hamburg
Newcity "Portrait of the Artist", by Maria Girgenti
Alex Jovanovich's essay
Samantha Reynolds' essay
S. Nicole Lane's Artslant review
Chicago Portraits by Chester Alamo-Costello
@ The Bike Room
The Shetland Drawings by Fraser Taylor
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